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October 17, 2012
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Pewdiepie Madness TWO by butt-sama Pewdiepie Madness TWO by butt-sama
edit 2 : added a giant ugly watermark, because i've seen this picture online without anyone crediting me :--(
also, you can't see the full version anymore. yay!


here's part one lol :
pewdiepie madness by butt-sama

/suddenly throws this in your face
i was working on this for the last few weeks between commissions
together it took about 40 hours or soooooo *n*
i'm really proud of it, and i hope you will like it too!
i've been a huge fan of pewdie for a while now, and i hope this will show it haha xD


here are the characters,

from left to right
i might have some wrong, so helping would be wonderful!

ginger dude on bomb : it's McPixel (i mean mcpewdie lol) from the game McPixel!! ^^
woman with radio and the dude next to her : Carley and Lee from the game "the walking dead", it's the part where pewdie laughed like hell over it (me included) xD DAT STARE
white haired dude : it's the main character, Hiroshi from Ao Oni, i was too chicken to draw the monster, thinking i would mess it up xD
girl with pink dress and the dude next to her : the girl is Reiko from the game "the calling", while the dude is trip from the game "facade". it is widely known that trip hates melons, so he exchanged it for the save kitty cat from the game "the calling" for it haha xD
toilet seat on wall : it's the toilet seat that pewdie often used in the game "condemned" xD
that anatomy doll thing : it's jeremy from the game "paranormal", he should really stop doing demonic sacrifices damn xD
the woman sitting on the floor : it's brosa! i mean rosa LOLOL;; from the game "condemned". Pewdie was always talking about how manly she looked xD
the kid on the floor : it's timmy, irresponsible dad's son in the game "happy wheels". i used to laugh like hell whenever they did the synchronized dance pff xD
pig with bottle : it's mister piggy, mainly from the game "amnesia". he will make love to everything. and by everything, i mean EVERYTHING.
nurse in window : it's nurse kyoko from the game "the calling" xD
lady in window : it's evie from the online talking thing called "existor", the videos pewdie made with her were really funny xD
man with baby in window : i wanted to add something from the game "anna", and this was the only one i remembered. it's jesus from the game, and i remember that sentence, it made me giggle xD
dude with book as his head : it's facebook from the game "cry of fear", i love how pewdie named him xD
pipe with mustash : it is pipe from the game "condemned" xD ~!!
little girl with cap : it's clementine from the game "the walking dead" ^^
disco ball : whenever pewdie plays "just dance" xD~
water puddle on the floor : it's supposed to be the water monster in the game "amnesia" lol
dude with mask and blankie : it's cry, pewdie often plays with him n___n, like from the game "portal", which is why he has that in his hand, and the blanket is from the game "bloody trapland" xD ~
the dude in the center : WHO DOESN'T KNOW WHO HE IS LOL, it's pewdie himself, with his epic new headphones lol. the crown is from "king of web", the microphone is for when he used to sing xD the golden statue is obviously stephano, his best friend. mainly from the game "amnesia" ~
girl next to him : it's pewdie's girlfriend, marzia, also known as cutiepie, hehe c:
little girl and dude on the floor : it's ib and garry from the game "ib". i did the time when ib was going to almost read that dirty book, made me laugh like hell xD, garry was like "not until you're older!" pfft xD
axe on the floor : because pewdie is also good in chopnese! i know it's supposed to be in an other color, but i didn't realize it before i was done xD
ball on floor : it's the magic 8 ball from the game "facade". i remember when pewdie asked if trip is gay, and the ball said "probably soon" xDDD
chair : it's mr. chair! one of pewdie's greatest friends, originated from the game "amnesia". chair mode activated, boop xD
faceless dude on chair : it's the slenderman, from the game "slender"
girl on wall : it's the grudge from the game "ju-on the grudge" c:
that dude with the nyan cat face : it's the bro from "amnesia", i was too afraid to draw his face, thinking i would mess it up, so i just used faces from random playtroughs xD
card game? : yup, they're all playing cards xD
barrel with sunglasses : it's pewdie's mortal enemy, barrels O:l !!!!
lady with cookies : it's ruben's mom from the game "cry of fear". damn, she sure likes to make cookies xD
head on plate : it's ruben from the game "afraid of monsters". nope, his cookies xD
dat butt : it's the monster from the game "SCP", i remember when pewdie commented on it's butt haha xD
And nope, he's far from being that cute e 3 e
dude and crate-box thing : they dude is from the game "penumbra", he's the main character. i also remember seeing similar crate-box things everywhere o 3 o
dude with sunglasses : he's not that full of himself, i think he just looks super cool with the glasses xD. he's norman jayden from the game "heavy rain"
dolphin-cat kid : it's the kid from "ju-on the grudge", he kept hopping around and being a cat, so pewdie called him a dolphin xD
the two in white outfits : it's dr.rosalene and lorenzo von matterhorn (LOL it's neil xD) from the game "to the moon". i remember neil always being really epic, and rosalene like "oh pickles" and so xD
lady in pajamas and girl : the lady in pajamas is from the short comic "bong chong dong ghost" xD. the girl is the "victim" in it, haha.

if you didn't see it yet, here's the first part again:
pewdiepie madness by butt-sama
and some similar things :
pewdiepie's got moves! by butt-sama oh pewdie by butt-sama garryxib by butt-sama
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TFMgal222 Featured By Owner Apr 17, 2014
'I'll eat your hand' I REMEMBER THAT OMFG XD
tigersfury Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2014
This is AWSOME! This must have took some time?
butt-sama Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you so much!
and, yes, in the description it says that it took around 40 hours ^^
tigersfury Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2014
:iconlegaspplz: wow
CookiePinsKy Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013
Omg, is that Neil talking to Norman?
butt-sama Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
yep hahahhah
CookiePinsKy Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
That's amazing
butt-sama Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
sure is x)!!!
CookiePinsKy Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2013
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